...want to be one with the Night Sky Majesty?

Nattenshimmel. Hosting.

NattensHimmel offers free webhosting for special individuals. If you have ideas to be published online, but cannot afford (or don't want to invest into) paid hosting, getting hosted on NattensHimmel might be a good solution for you!

What does this mean?

If you are an artist, poet, blogger or something like this, with an attitude towards dark, eerie, cold, gloomy moods, so it is more than likeable that we can cooperate.

If you have an underground band or musical project - mostly innen dark-ambient, drone, black/death metal... but I might be flexible when it comes to genres and categories - and you wish to have something more than a Facebook profile to promote your art, you will surely get hosted!

What can you expect?

A subdomain of your choice - yourname.nattenshimmel.no
Oh, and NattensHimmel is Norwegian for "Sky of The Night" - quite cool name, huh?
Free email/mail forward from/to yourname@nattenshimmel.no

Support with uploading your site (if you already have one.)

I might as well create a web layout for you (if you have some ideas but need execution of these ideas.)

I can recommend quite a few lightweight and easy-to-manage blogging/publishing scripts.
My actual faves are Monstra and Chyrp, but I am open for usage of other scripts too. (Yes, there DOES exist a life after WordPress!)

What do I expect?

Oh. Really impossible Terms Of Service, indeed.

1.) No political, pornographic or hateful contents.
You hold responsibility for everything you publish on your site. I am quite tolerant, so many subjects that might result in your account being deleted elsewhere (e.g. explicit mention of death, suicide, self-injury, unhealthy dieting behaviour) are not prohibited on NattensHimmel. Otherwise, there are no other limitations than common sense.

2.) Your site should be non-profit - 3.) Your site should be written in either English, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish or Hungarian. (Eventually German.)
Yes, I am a control freak and therefore I want you to use a language I can understand.

4.) Creativity. I don't mind lack of updates for weeks, but I like unique ideas.

5.) Linking back to NattensHimmel.

Why would it be good for you?

Getting individual hosting at NattensHimmel is better than registering at any freehost. (Believe me, I have tried quite a few free webhosts!)
...your site will not get deleted, even if you fail to update for a month or more (something that happens quite often at freehosting sites.)
...you get individual support and help with everything you need, in aim to maintain a personal site.